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Victoria Park Secondary School

Susan Chung, business and computer studies educator and coordinator for the yearbook committee at Victoria Park Secondary School, approached Kenneth Young Design to provide a seminar covering basic Photoshop skills for the school's yearbook committee. In the past, yearbooks had featured simple graphics and layouts, but this year's group wanted to do something special. They had plenty of ideas, but needed some Photoshop skills to put those ideas down on digital canvas.

We designed a series of interactive exercises that laid a foundation for exploring the extensive capabilites of Photoshop and different effects that could be accomplished with just a little experimentation. We then held a workshop during which participants got hands on experience creating these effects in Photoshop. The kids enjoyed the lesson and are currently applying what they learned to making the most creative yearbook for Victoria Park Secondary School to date.



Our Philosophy

Printed materials

Most of the professional print materials you see in offices (including brochures, sales materials, posters etc.) are created by a method called offset printing. This produces very high-quality output on almost any desired medium (such as glossy paper, or card stock). However, it is usually only cost-effective when printing higher quantities (>500 units).

An alternative is laser color printing, which is much cheaper at lower volumes, but has drawbacks in terms of output quality, the ability to print right to the edge of the paper (full-bleed), reduced durability, and fewer meda options.

When developing any materials for print, It is important to be aware of the available output options and intended use so that the final product meets the desired standards of appearance, quality and cost-effectiveness.

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