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image © 2004 Air King Ventilation Products

Air King

Air King has been a leading North American manufacturer of range hoods, bathroom fans, air circulators and building products for over 40 years.

They came to Kenneth Young Design for 3D renderings of some new range hood designs. They wanted to present these designs at a sales meeting, and needed the images produced on a tight deadline.

We created the 3D models, textured and rendered them on time and on budget. They were highly impressed by the level of realism and detail achieved in the output, both on screen and in print.

If you would like to know more about how 3D graphics can help you meet your goals on time and on budget, contact us.


Our Philosophy


There are many ways of approaching a project that involve 3D graphics. For example, if your intention is to provide an interactive 3D model of a product for end users, you may wish to use real product shots to create a simulated 3D environment in Flash or Quicktime in which the user can manipulate the object in limited ways. Or, if a higher degree of interactivity is required, you could opt to have a real 3D representation of the object created and use a more powerful 3D plugin such as Macromedia Director or Cult3D to allow users to interact with it. If you want to create pre-production renderings or mock ups, which need to provide a realistic portrayal of a product's appearance, non-interactive, static or animated images will provide a very high degree of detail and realism.

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