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Orion Designs Inc.

Orion Designs came to us with a specific need: to reduce the prohibitively high cost of producing physical prototypes of its furniture designs. By using state-of-the art 3D graphics technology, we produced photorealistic computer-generated renderings of Orion Designs' furniture designs—at a fraction of the cost of producing a physical prototype. Potential buyers could now see the final product without investing thousands of dollars in a prototype that might never go into production.

This process, complemented with excellent communication with Orion Designs, helped streamline the entire design process. Producing computer-generated renderings eliminated the need to produce engineering specifications before the product could be seen. In fact, designs could now go directly from rough sketches to high-quality renderings.

"Working with Kenneth Young Design was a delight. Their expertise in the 3D realm made anything possible; my designs were always rendered just as I had envisioned when I created them. They were very easy to talk to and ideas and concepts would flow freely; I would often have a finished rendering after a single meeting. They were also very fast, able to turn around designs in just a day or two. Their services have been invaluable to me."
Frank Young, President, Orion Designs

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of 3D graphics in your business, contact us.
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