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3D Visualization

Have a product or concept that would be best illustrated with a three-dimensional image or interactive animation? We produce real-time interactive 3D simulations or photorealistic 3D images that get your ideas across.

A few of the 3D services we provide:

  • Photorealistic modeling, animation and rendering
  • Web-ready interactive 3D product models
  • Interactive Macromedia Flash or Director-based 3D
  • Architectural walkthroughs
  • Scientific simulation or visualization

3D is a very useful tool for letting your audience see or experience a product in ways that 2D graphics can't. For example, an interactive 3D model deployed on your website can let viewers get a genuine feel for your product without having to visit a store. Or, if you are involved in product or industrial design, creating a virtual prototype can save you thousands of dollars in production costs. Our 3D solutions can be static or interactive, and can be presented at a company meeting, distributed in print, CD, or on the web.

Let us know your needs and together we'll find a solution.

Orion Designs Inc.

Orion Designs Inc. specializes in producing contemporary designs for all types of furniture including high-end audio/visual equipment racks, television and speaker stands, customized modular units and workspace components. Their process often involves creating several designs for their clients before one is selected for mass production, and the high cost of creating physical design prototypes prompted them to contact us.

Click here to find out how we helped them to reduce their costs.

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